e-Document Management System

A Document Management System tailored for construction site use. Documents are organised in hierarchical folders with permissions set to secure the access. The system can be well integrated into your existing office equipments and therefore saving the deployment cost and improving user friendliness. 


Major Web Browsers Support

Our eDMS supports major desktop and mobile browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera.

Multiple File Upload Methods

Documents can be uploaded via:
1. Web drag and drop
2. Rename files to input folder
3. Scan from office scanners

Actions and Documents Tracking

Documents are assigned to handlers with email notifications for actions. Relations between documents are tracked.

Flexible Document Folder Structure

Default folder structure is provided. Folders and subfolders can be added or configured to suit your project's needs rapidly.

Permission and Security

Each folder and subfolder can be granted with different levels of permission to individuals and groups.

Easy Data Handover

Documents are stored according to the original folder structure for easy reference without the application. Excel table is generated with metadata.

Inbox Features

1. Action group/staff
2. Action by
3. Attach document
4. Remark/Message
5. Set Due date
6. Read/Unread status
7. Action status 

1. Information by
2. Remark/Message 

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